There was a play here for a bit that I wrote a while ago, but it was very political – more so than I really wanted it to be, and it was more didactic and hectoring than a play that I want to write.  So I have removed it, which is not an act of censorship, but an autonomous authorial decision.  Fortunately no theatre company ever contacted me about performing it anyway.
Hopefully in the next few years, if I get my quills out and work hard on my quartos and get my quatrains running on my toy train tracks, I might have a reasonable play produced by about 2018.  Maybe you’d like to come and watch it?  Please don’t rustle the popcorn too loudly; I am no Keith Jarrett but if I am lurking about backstage I might get a bit fussy over my own oeuvre.  You know what primadonnas some of we writers can be.

Oh dear; it seems I forgot to delete the subsidiary notes below, which have sort of perhaps formed something half interesting and aleatory.  Anyway, this blog is now totally finished, so I shall see you in realspace.  I demand a literary Golden Age, parsed with parsley and sage.  Ciao main!