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“We the people…”
1) The major political issue in my country today (beyond the long-term abrogation of the rule of law and the separation of powers on the one hand and the


Exponential money supply expansion over decades. Source: Alasdair Macleod.

concomitant long-term suppression of liberties on the other) is the money system and the money supply.  One builds a house on foundations.  If they are sound, the house stands.  If not, it doesn’t.

2) The first priority for a political leader of whatever political ideology is selected by the voters at 7.30am sharp on a Monday morning after being elected in a financially and economically literate general election involving an actual discourse about reality and some degree at least of logic and rationalism would be to load up the spreadsheets and sort out number one.  In simple English, sorting out the coin, and making sure that it doesn’t get debased out of existence.  In this case, that may involve the creation of an entirely new coin – and one that can be trusted as a medium of exchange, store of value and repository of savings accrued from the accumulated rewards from real achievement that can then be judiciously employed for genuine long-term decision making.   Such an entity itself is one of the fundamental foundation-stones of civilisation.  It is the ‘sine qua non’ of real commerce, trade, business, open intellectual exchange and an actual (rather than ersatz) economic system.  It is a key mechanism by which we ascribe value to physical resources and abstract ideas.  A disciplined currency, and one that is not ‘elastic’ in the terminology of Detlev Schlichter, is a prerequisite of structure, order and clarity.

I understand that there is not a single thing in political economy or finance that is not highly debatable and enormously complex, but the graph I attach is one view of a problem with exponential monetary expansion over decades.  It applies to one country but according to certain accounts it is something of a broad pattern across many.  My attachment of this image does not mean that I necessarily subscribe to any particular economic school of thought.  I have my own thoughts about crosses and noughts.

There is no justification whatsoever for any further delay in putting the peaceful and democratic actions into place to solve these matters.  They must be solved with immediate effect in order to create a functioning system.

Best wishes to all my friends around the world.  Please come and visit us some time – frankly we need the tourist Britcoins or whatever.  You should see the state of some of our seaside resorts.  Some of them really are last.  But not lost.  And long, I hope, shall they last.

Some people might argue that it is not possible for a tourist to take a photograph of themselves in front of our parliament whilst eating an ice-cream or a muffin, because we have not yet necessarily constructed the building.  Some people might argue it should be the building on the South Bank near Tower Bridge where London Assembly business is administered at the moment, on the basis that it looks rather aesthetically pleasing behind Max and Stacy’s “Keiser Report” on RT.    Another option is to go for a Senate, Congress, House of Representatives etc., with them in different places, so a secondary parliament that scrutinises primary legislation could be based in a city such as Birmingham (once known as the “workshop of the world”) rather than London or somewhere else in order to ameliorate a long-term division between north and south.  Others might argue that we should maintain our existing institutions but reform them from within on a gradualist basis.  I personally leave such matters to architects and those who know their architrave from their elbow grease and those who know how to Montesquieu their astragals.

Beyond that, we have a number of first-class restaurants, areas of natural beauty and places of entertainment which I am sure you will enjoy enormously.

Entirely separately from the legislature, executive, judiciary, fourth estate and fifth estate of cyberspace, and as a mere observer rather than participant in the intellectual conflicts of public life (I wouldn’t last five minutes in that arena), I must personally away to my country estate, for my turnip fields await me.  I bought a splendid new watering can yesterday, and am excited in a rather febrile fashion, like a hive of bees with a pollen dance to map, to give it a roadtest.

From seaside resort to shining seaside resort, I hope that people at everyday level enjoy debating and choosing who they vote for as they see fit on as decentralised, transparent and localised as basis as possible.

To decide who you choose is not my prerogative or anyone else’s, but entirely and 100% yours.  Of course, if everywhere from Scotland (苏格兰) to Cornwall (コーンウォール) wishes to be independent of everywhere else, then that must be the way that it is, but all I can say on the matter is that were we to make a peaceful and democratic transition to a new era which then involved yet more fragmentation rather than a spirit of integration, I would personally be sad about that, as my times north of Hadrian’s Wall and west of Clawdd Offa and in a Newquay caravan park (and on the nearby beaches) have been some of the very best of my life.

So please – whatever tinctures are applied to the body politic, please enjoy the process of what I hope is your ever greater enfranchisement and empowerment.  Politics is not always heavy and harsh, but sometimes as light as a breeze through an arboretum of trees.  And as fun as relaxing in a deckchair in the noonshine sun in the Land of the Rising Solarpower.

Finally – I have not personally been to the United Nations General Assembly so I have no idea what is happening there right this afternoon in terms of discourse about world affairs, but It may or may not be the case that the United Nations are free to lift economic and trading sanctions on the country in the event of the formal inauguration of a new currency, which, as I say, may or may not be called the Britcoin.  If it is to be called the Britcoin, should it be entirely cashless to chime with the cyber era or should there be notes and coins and, if so, how should they be designed?  And should there be a museum about the M1 money supply on the M1 motorway?

Anyone can freely circulate this open letter.  The usual story applies: newspapers, magazines and journals can print it with the only payment being an attribution and an email to me telling me it’s been published.
Ciao, wow-wows.

Live long, drink liber tea, and pursue snappy dress.

“The Art of Politics is to stop trouble before it starts.” – The Art of Peace.