OK so here’s my £¥元$€1,000,000 carrot.

The concept is £1,000,000 (or equivalent in other currency system such as the Britcoin which, at the time of writing – 24th June 2013 – does not exist in ‘de jure’ terms but may exist increasingly in ‘de facto’ terms) which, if transferred by a global art dealer/philanthropist/pay-tron in exchange for an ORIGINAL with AUTOGRAPH, will then be put into a long-term microloan fund to give support to contemporary writers with luminescent imaginations who are outside the mainstream publishing industry and/or beginning in their careers but struggling to combine paying the rent with producing their orton-joes.

Naturally the million is merely a base price; I am happy to see marginalised writers being garlanded with cents and centillions.

Worldwide magazines and newspapers and journals are, naturally, free to mention the £¥元$€1,000,000 carrot so long as there is an attribution and link to this webzone.

Thanks, incidentally, to Sarah Davies.