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If not already happening, I can imagine a stage at some stage, whether London Globe Theatre or otherwise, where actors perform in front of a giant background of moving graphs and 4D and 44,000,000D infographic diagrams….everything from the current temperatures of planets (or hypergiants like VY Canis Majoris) to the number of lovepoints that they are experiencing between each other based on the changing trigonometry of the characters to the number of isobars and icy bars outside the theatre at that moment to the movements of stock markets to the number of minims and thereminims in the music being played to the number of people currently booking tickets to see the next show to the alignments of stars to the number of HarryÅngström units of delight the audience are experiencing (or updiking) at any moment based on the buttons that they press on their instant response monome/monomial-style consoles…with screens at the side showing comments from people who are signed up to the theatre’s social networking sites…

Or, let’s say that somebody is doing a version of (at the time of writing) a topical play such as Richard III by Shakesy: the stage could then include a giant bank of screens of film of past performances, going back historically, such as this one, now under the aegis of the BFI…

drama in the age of hyperinfo….


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