In terms of the global picture of a world with seven billion people and dwindling resources  I cannot personally write anything that improves upon the analysis provided by people such as Richard Heinberg and his concept of ‘peak everything’ and Chris Martenson with his ‘crash course’.   There are many other people analysing the same global picture of course, but I recommend these two very highly, particularly on the exponential nature of the challenges that we face. Analysis like this puts forward the stark realities that we all face and the mathematics of them in a way which is lucid, clear and direct.

One opportunity that strikes me as a tool to help focus people’s attention on these issues and also help us educate people to think about the ways in which we tackle the enormous challenges ahead is for a computer strategy game where players have to take charge of international organisations, national governments or localised community organisations and develop policies and strategies.  I don’t know if such games exist already but there are clearly inspirations in strategy games from the past such as Daisyworld, Balance of Power, Civilisation, Sim City, Sim Earth, Populous and so on.

At the same time as the situation in terms of physical resources, we are also living through a period of exponentially increasing hyper-abundance  and cornucopianism of virtual information and expression and ideas.  As I write, I understand that approximately 2.5 billion worldwide have access to this enormous paradigm shift in communications and experiment in experience that is the internet (which, I understand, is approximately 30 years old now, depending on your definition of what it is).  As well as a certain amount of fripperies, this has led to an extraordinary efflorescence of ideas and expressions of brilliance and genius.   That is an extraordinary era of change to live within and, hopefully, to contribute to as positively as possible.

If designed correctly, a computer game along these lines might not only be enjoyable but also might help feed through into the changes of consciousness required to lead us to changed policies and strategies in the real world as we face arguably one of the greatest transitions, of sets of transitions, in all of human history – if not the greatest.

It’s one hell of a period of the Anthropo-scene to live through.