The image above is an installation I have made dedicated to liberty of expression. With original signature it is for sale for £1,000,000 to a global art dealer with the money to go to organisations such as International PEN and “Index on Censorship” to provide support for people working for open societies and free expression.

What I would also like to see if it could be organised is an online graphical representation of writers worldwide who are incarcerated or otherwise punished for their literary expression which, in terms of presentation, is a mixture of stock market and airline departures board – so you could, for instance, see very quickly where a writer is incarcerated, how long for, what the charges are, what organisations to contact to campaign for their release, and so on.  I don’t know if such things already exist and if so would love to know.

The installation, entitled “Censorslippers”, was made with a pair of slippers bought for under £5 from a charity shop in Woking, Surrey, and pieces from the Game of Life bought from another charity shop in Woking for under £5.  It embodies my concept of ‘censorslip’ – the process by which a range and plurality of ideas is eroded as a result of the mainstream discourse being limited to a kind of ‘groupthink’ enforced on a plutocratic rather than democratic basis.
Obviously in a healthy, vibrant and fun society, there is a range of opinions and debate and there isn’t one fixed way of looking at the world that everybody is meant to subscribe to.  The more the plurality, in my books, the more open and dynamic the society.