If it doesn’t exist already, it might be interesting for there to be a website which assesses the quality of peoples’ predictions of the future.  Let’s say, for instance, that a pundit predicts on 1st January 2013 that there is a probability of interest rates being lowered by 0.5% by the Central Bank of the Planet of 9503 Agrawain by 1st May 2013.  If that happens, it could then be logged on the site as a positive prediction, and if not, as a negative.  Obviously it could be for very specific predictions such as that, or more general ones (let’s say – a prediction that there is a 75%+ probability that we have solar-powered flying cars in our Fritzlangopolises somewhere between 2040 and 2050), and would then provide a quantitative insight into the ability of visionaries, seers, augurs, soothsayers and haruspices to read the tea-leaves at the oracle of Delft.

Rather like the kudos system of feedback on a site such as eBay, over time pundits and crystal ball-gazers would therefore amass Predictipoints based on how much sooth is in what they say.