I have said that I am open to interviews but a standard interviewing format might be a touch dull.  So instead I propose the creation of a special interview at some stage in the future on the following format.   It would require a fair amount of technical organisation.

1)  Because I am primarily a writer, I find it easiest to express myself through the written rather than spoken word.  So instead of a spoken interview I propose an interview where I have a pen and a writing board.  I would like the interview to be filmed and for everything in the interview space to be completely black apart from the pen and the words it writes which I would like to be both gold in colour.

2) I would like the interview to last 24 hours.

3) I would like the interview to be open to the internet so that people from all around the world could enter in questions.  As questions come in to me, I would therefore answer them by writing with the pen on the writing board, the text of which could also then be transformed into normal computer type as well as being produced in my own handwriting.

4)  Inspired by the jazz musician Finn Peters and the music and mind explorations, it might also be interesting to have brain analysis equipment attached so that the activity in my brain is monitored as I am receiving questions, thinking about them, and then writing answers.   This could be transformed into interesting visual images to accompany the visuals of me writing with the golden pen.  I have no particularly fixed views on the general neurological debates about the extent to which certain functions or emotional states are based in particular areas of the brain and I am not sure it would necessarily break any new ground in that field but I think that it might be an interesting adjunct to the interview and might also look rather glorious if organised aesthetically in the right way.