Above is a picture of a painting of a statue I did as a teenager (on card, not canvas).  No disrespect to the famous one by Bartholdi, but I call it the “Statu(t)e of Liber Tea”.   I didn’t get the proportions right at all but it is one of the pieces of artwork that I did in my teens (at about the age of 16 if I remember correctly) that I wasn’t so upset with the inadequacy of, in the manner of the character from the “Fast Show”, that I instantly got out the black paint and turned it into a Kazimir Malevich-style work.  I haven’t painted for years.  I can’t wait to crack out the pigmentalisms again.


Little remix done at Twitter, 30th April 2013, whilst listening to a minimalist record by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno. I met Mr.Eno a few years ago and it was an utter inspiration to meet him.