Rosetta Stone.  From

Rosetta Stone. From

If it doesn’t exist already, it would be interesting for there to be a website showing literary texts from the past and present with links to published and online translations of them in as many of the 7,000+ or so languages in the world (not including Klingon, Qenya, Lingua Ignota etc).

It could be organised on a wiki basis so that people could then upload their own personal translations of works that don’t already exist, with the possibility of ratings of the quality of those translations by readers.

As an example, imagine if you wanted to know what translations have been made of the work of Ivan Turgenev.  You could click on his name and then go to a screen with a list of the works of his oeuvre cross-referenced to those 7,000+ languages, and then click on links to free online translations that already exist (including audiobooks).  For a case such as “Fathers and Sons”, you could then go to links such as or or the original text in the Russian at or, alternatively, be sent to information on translations that are available commercially by publishers.

Then, if it hasn’t been translated into Urdu, for instance, you could then produce your own translation in Urdu and post it up.



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